Gamcare Unterstützt Poker In The Park

Die führende Poker Publikation Bluff Europe hat bekannt gegeben, dass ihr drittes jährliches Poker In The Park Festival im nächsten Monat von dem in England registrierten GamCare unterstützt wird.

Das größte jährliche Poker Festival Europas, Poker In The Park wird ab fünf Uhr nachmittags bis 21:30 am Abend am 13. August auf dem Leicester Square in London stattfinden. Es geht weiter am Mittag des 14. August bis um 21:30 am Abend. Beim Poker In The Park werden auch professionelle Spieler, wie beispielsweise Neil Channing, Nick Persaud, Ian Frazer, Paul Jackson und Kara Scott Unterschriften geben und Fragen beantworten.

Für Bluff Europe ist es ein wichtiger Aspekt, dass Poker In The Park sowohl eine sichere als auch eine vergnügliche Aktivität für jeden Teilnehmer sein soll.

Dies ist jetzt schon das dritte Jahr, in dem GamCare eingeladen wird, sich an diesem tollen Event zu beteiligen. Bluff Europe möchte sicherstellen, dass Pokerspieler GamCare kennen und wissen, dass sie ein unabdingbarer Teil der Poker-Gemeinschaft sind.

GamCare ist die führende nationale Autorität für Ratschläge, praktische Hilfe, Unterstützung und Beratung, für Probleme, die durch Glückspiele auftreten. Die gemeinnützige Organisation hat einen nicht kritisierenden Ansatz und wird beim Poker In The Park Festival teilnehmen und Flugblätter und Ratschläge für ein verantwortliches Glückspiel anbieten.

Andy McLellan, der Generaldirektor von GamCare meint hierzu, dass GamCare anerkennt, dass die meisten Spieler verantwortlich sind und das Spiel einfach genießen. Doch für jeden, der das Spiel nicht länger genießt und der Schwierigkeiten hat, sich an seine Grenzen zu halten, dem bietet GamCare Unterstützung und Strategien an, damit die Spieler wieder die Kontrolle über sich und ihr Spiel übernehmen.

Daher freut sich GamCare auch in diesem Jahr beim Poker In The Park teilzunehmen und das Bewusstsein der Spieler zu erweitern. Sie können natürliche auch ein gutes Pokerspiel im William Hill Casino genießen.

Brazil Wins Americas Cup Of Poker

Brazil has won the first Americas Cup of Poker by beating a team from Argentina, the host nation, in an exciting final last Saturday night.

The competition features players from sixteen nations battle it out in order to reach a live final which had $250,000 of prize money up for grabs which included the $100,000 for the winning team.
PokerStars.Com held daily freerolls and qualifiers with entry starting as low as 20 cents in order to decide who would be on the six member teams. To win a place, competitors had to earn points by finishing in the top 100 during any of the online poker site’s ongoing first round qualifying events. The people who finished in the top five from each country were then invited to play for their nation’s team along with a professional player.
The finals were held at Argentina’s Cerro Catedral Ski Resort. The exciting matches saw Brazil’s Alexandre Gomes beat Costa Rica’s Humberto Brenes which lead to a game against Argentina who had previously beat Canada in their set of six heads up battles.
At the same time as the poker game was taking place the two countries were facing each other on the football pitch in a World Cup qualifier and the two games ended with the same results. In the poker Argentina’s Leo Fernandez’s ace nine was not good enough to beat Brazil’s king eight and the Brazilian team won the Americas cup title.
However, the Argentinean team will share $60,000 in prize money and the third place nation will share $30,000. Fourth place takes $20,000 and fifth through eighth place take $10,000 each.
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Online Poker Player Wins Easy $200,000

When you have what appears to be a very strong poker hand, only to find that at the last minute it was beaten by a better one, you have what is known as a poker "bad beat." In order to rescue poker players from this unlikely yet disappointing situation, it is common that a bad beat bonus or jackpot is offered to players who unexpectedly fall victim to one. And sometimes, being beaten with a great hand can really pay off well.

The latest in the world of online gambling is that recently handed out an incredible $400,000 worth of bad beat jackpots to a single group of players. According to reports, one of the players went by the name of "baseball127" and was plying a game of Texas Hold'em. He was holding a straight flush and was sure it would be strong enough to take home the $128 pot. However, his quad 7's were beaten by a royal flush and he lost the pot. Too bad, since he qualified for the bad beat jackpot and was instead awarded an enormous $211,758!

In addition to this awesome bad beat jackpot, an additional $105,000 was awarded to the player who actually won at the table, whilst the remaining seven players were awarded their piece in a $15,000 cut. Ever since being awarded, the bad beat jackpot on offer at has already jumped to $125,000. If this wasn't enough, all poker players can now enjoy 10% up to $500 deposit bonuses as well as $50 and $109 free coupons until Sunday to celebrate the recent win.

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